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Prep Your Garden w/ Expand N Grow ~!

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Spring of course is a perfect time to get out to the yard and do some planting. If you are looking for a very good potting soil that can help even the poorest soil produce big, beautiful plants and flowers then you need to sample Expand ‘n Gro™

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Benefits of Expand N Grow:

  • Can be used in pots or on the ground, so you can use it for all your plantings needs.
  • Expand N Grow also holds up to 50% times more water than regular potting soils
  • Can feed your plants for up to an incredible six months.
  • Tilling this planting soil with your native soil can improve the native soil for multiple years and improve the rooting environment for all your plants.
  • Because Expand N Grow expands up to 3 times, one small bag is enough as a big bag of regular potting soil.
  • Retains moisture so there is no worrying about over watering as often.

I received a sample of Expand N Grow and will be using it on a few of my potted plants. I hardly have a green thumb and always struggle to keep plants alive. Expand N Grow holds water so I won't have to worry about over or under watering, and maybe I can have better luck with this years plants. I would love to have an entire potted garden on the patio, filled with many differnt colored flowers and plants, instead of the sad and lifeless plants that usually sit there. With the help of Expand N Grow, I might actually make this happen!


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