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If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’re interested in getting some more information about and how to get  legit free shipping that can save you a little bit of time and money each time you shop online. The great thing about is this: they know that’s what you’re interested in, too. Forget discounts that seem too good to be true –that’s not what you get with Fraud  or falsification is never what you’ll get from them, because they have produced a tangible and pragmatic deal that just works. They are honest with their customers because they really have something beneficial to offer them.

And from what I’ve seen and heard from my fellow bargain hunters in the community, should be a bit more vocal about their services! With their simple and effective rebates for  free shipping, ratings  that shine have been rolling in recently. The plethora of satisfied members, with a range of different shopping interests, is staggering. The picture that I get from all of this is one of a holistic service that offers effective savings, and the customer service staff and know-how to implement those savings in a way that the members really love.

That brings me to another point on why seems to be the best deal on shipping out there. Because they’ve been able to partner with thousands of online vendors, big and small and in virtually every ecommerce niche there is, it seems like basically anyone with any shopping habits or interests could benefit from the service. These are online vendors you’d be shopping at month after month anyway, and you could be getting free shipping each time you do. For just over twelve bucks a month, and at the rate the number of participating vendors is growing, now is the perfect time to get in.

Thanks to Eric Karter for contributing this article.

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