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We Like To Party!

Black and White Curly Q with Shocking Pink Bow Pocket InvitationsWhen you come from a family as big as ours, you will find there is always something to celebrate. Whether it be someone’s birthday, a holiday, or even a friend of the family’s pregnancy there is always a cause for celebration. And really what is a better way to celebrate then having a big party with all the friends and family you love?! There is no better way! That’s why there always seems to be some sort of celebratory party going on at our place, and how do we pull that off you may ask? A very detailed to do list, that’s how! Everything gets planned out, and luckily our very big family can help get it all done as fast as possible. The first item on our to do list, find a place to throw the party. This is essential; where you have your party can determine a lot of what can or cannot happen at this party and how many guests you can invite. Second item on the to do list is plan the menu. Food, is honestly my favorite part any party, especially when there is cake. It can make or break a party, because there is nothing worse than going to a party and having nothing good to eat. Third on our list, guest list! Really what is a party without  guests?! So you always got to make sure you plan a detailed guest list and send the party invitations out fast enough so everyone has plenty of notice. Sending out invitations is also one of the easiest steps when it comes to planning a party because InvitationBox.com makes it super easy to get your own cute, modern, and personalized invitations prepared. Decorations are the final thing on our list and this always takes a couple people to help complete. You want everything looking great and your guests in a great party area. There you have it the four most important steps in planning any celebratory bash; place, food, guests, and decorations. It’s always a good time to have a party!

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