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Do you like downloading videos and movies to your computer? Well 4Media Video Converter for Mac is the best software to use when trying to convert videos or movies from their standard definition video formats or high definition formats to 3d formats. You can take your AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, 3PG, MKV, etc files and convert them to play on your Mac PC or even take your MP4 and convert it AVI or take your MOV and covert it to MKV. 4Media Video Converter makes it possible to do all that! And with audio files too! Using 4Media Video Converter allows all the videos you download to play on any format and on any portable multimedia device. Whether it be on your iPhone, iPod, iPad, psp, ps3, or your Android phone, 4Media Video Converter allows you to download them on anything. File editing functions are available too! You can trim, cut, crop, merge, and split all your files if you wanted too! also offers you an iPad video converter to help you play videos, movies, and music from any format on your iPad. What else can do for you? How about a dvd ripper for mac users?! Now you rip your DVDs to popular formats and keep the excellent quality. It’s all so easy! So if you’re a Mac user and find yourself in need of a video converter, an iPad converter, or dvd ripper visit today!

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