Kroger {Ralphs} Cart Buster/Deal Of The Day Promotion: Buy 2 Pepsi 2 Liters, Get 1 Free! - Sammy Makes Six

Kroger {Ralphs} Cart Buster/Deal Of The Day Promotion: Buy 2 Pepsi 2 Liters, Get 1 Free!

Attention Kroger Shoppers! Shop the Kroger Cart Buster event from February 26–March 10 for great values. Find out about all the savings at! And from February 29-March 6, download exclusive, digital coupons for Kroger’s “Deal Of The Day” for even MORE savings at Happy Savings!

Here in the blogging world I have seen that the Kroger’s Cart Buster event has been very popular since the day it began on Feb 26.  We live in southern California and do not have a Kroger but we do have both Food 4 Less which is a store I do quite a bit of shopping at and then we also have Ralphs. I love the deals at Food 4 Less but I do most of my shopping at Ralphs. My store is always so clean and packed full of savings.

During the Krogers Cart Buster/Deal Of The Day promotion there is one special value at your store every day. Coupons for this promotion are only available online here. Todays deal of the day is one very close to my kids heart, because they drink tons of soda and anytime we can get a free 2 liter bottle, is a time we have to take advantage. 

Buy 2 Pepsi 2 Liters, Get 1 Free! 

We go through a lot of soda in this house because even though we don't drink some with every meal there are nine of us, so each bottle finishes pretty fast. This deal will allow us to stock up on Pepsi and with the savings maybe we can get some extra snacks for the weekend. In fact thinking about a cold glass of Pepsi makes me think of having a barbecue over the weekend. It's been so cold lately and this weekend is supposed to be a bit warmer so it would be a great time to celebrate and get everyone together for some food and drinks! If we do it on Sunday I can also take advantage of the $1 off Juicy Juice bottles and get some drinks for the children too.

I already find so many values at Ralphs, but this Cart Buster promotion is helping us save even more money. During the next four days there will be daily deals for other great products; Pampers wipes, Juicy Juice, Yoplait Yogurt and Oreos. All these are products that my family uses and we will definitely be taking advantage of the special offers to stock up.

To check out all the deals and to DOWNLOAD the coupons, head over to the deals and take advantage of all the savings! I will be heading over to Ralph's every day till the 6th, so I might see you there!

Thank you to Kroger for sponsoring my participation in the “Deal Of The Day” promotion. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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JaZZ said...

I live in Perris and have a Food 4 Less about a block away. I didn't know about this promotion so I will have to download my coupon and get on over there! Thanks for the info:)