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Fast Forward Academy

Enrolled Agent Study Guide & Practice ExamsAre you looking to become a real working professional, but need a bit of help managing your educational needs? Well by visiting you can be provided with all the necessary tools and knowledge to help manage your educational needs. They’re the leading company in dealing with quality enrolled agents continuing professional education, also known as EA CPE. 72 hours of continuous education, during a 3 year cycle, with at least 16 hours completed every year, are the minimum EA CPE requirements. Every course starts out at $15 an hour, but keep in mind the more courses you take the bigger discounts you have available to you and free courses will always be offered. This site’s entire purpose is to help you, so when visiting you will find it to be very much user friendly and willing to work with you. Other places may not allow you to test the products you buy first, but at Fast Forward Academy, you can try content free before making final purchases, you can track your CPE requirements, and view course and test results. It’s so easy to use! So register now and get on the fast track to your professional future with the help and tools offered to you at or call 1-888-798-PASS (7277). Their program is one of the best at getting you to your successful future all that much quicker. 

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