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Facebook App: PhotoPad Review ~!

PhotoPad is very neat Facebook app that will allow you to make photo albums, postcards and e-cards that you can share directly on your wall. I was asked to review this app and see what I thought. I popped it open and got started, hoping that it would be something that would be easy to use. I am not graphically gifted, so I really need something that doesn't need a manual or special training to use.

This is a free app which you can find directly on this link: 

What I immediately liked was that there was no need to upload pictures, this is the step I hate the most whenever I am making a photo album online. It's slow and tedious and I just don't have the patience. So when I saw that all my pictures from my Facebook profile were already there, in there folders, I was happy. If you don't have all your pictures loaded yet, there is also the option to get pictures from your computer, a url and Flicr. All I had to do was pick which folder to open, then choose the pictures I wanted to use, which were then moved to the photo panel above.

After choosing my pictures I was able to pick the desired page layout, background and any stickers or extra shapes I wanted to use. I like the amount of backgrounds to pick from, this is one of the best features about PhotoPad. There were many different styles, color schemes and designs and certainly many that I really liked. 

The album that I made is called Mi Familia and is filled with some of my favorite pictures of my kids and the grand babies too. I picked really fun colors and was able to really personalize each page to my liking. You can add text where you like, change font size, font type, font color and add extra little touches here and there that will really make each item you create your very own. It was also really simple to use, and by the time I was making my second album I was getting the hang of working with it more and more. 

My overall opinion of PhotoPad is that it is very easy to use. You can make photo albums in minutes that match your personality and tastes because of the many graphics available. You can share these albums on your wall or send them directly to your friends. Visit PhotoPad on Facebook to get started on making your own eye-catching albums today.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of PhotoPad. All opinions are my own.

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This looks so cute and fun thanks! I can totally use it!