The #BlackBerry Playbook Is My Favorite Baby Sitter ~! - Sammy Makes Six

The #BlackBerry Playbook Is My Favorite Baby Sitter ~!

Getting to enjoy a few hours of downtime at Starbucks has always been hard. Sammy usually get bored within the first 15 minutes and spends the rest of the time being rowdy and not allowing us to, enjoy our coffee, read in peace, or do homework like we like to do on weekends. 

 This time when we went we took the BlackBerry Playbook and she was so good the entire time. She played with her Harold and the Purple Crayon app, she went on YouTube and watched countless Glee videos and played with some of the many games she has on there. It was pretty great,  and we actually got to stay for 3 hours and catch up on homework. The playbook is a really great tool for keeping kids busy and is a great babysitter.

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micafelatino said...

The BlackBerry Playbook is a great device that can be very educational for kids. My daughter has downloaded so many different books and games that help her learn numbers, reading, letter and more. This was one of the best purchases we ever made for her.