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The Upgraded Lenovo Enhanced Multimedia Remote with Keyboard ~!

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If you have a home theater pc and need the best wireless multi-media remote, I introduce to you the Lenovo Enhanced Multimedia Remote. This is not just any remote, this is an upgrade to the original Lenovo Multi Media Remote with keyboard and the only one of it's kind that is priced at under $100. Lenovo took customers feedback and really listened to their concerns and with this design, fixed a lot of the  issues, making this remote a lot more functional and easy to use. 


The back lit keyboard, in my opinion, is one of the best upgrades to this device. Now you can see the keyboard without having to turn on the light. The optical trackpoint  instead of a trackball makes  for easier scrolling. The right and left buttons integrated to the bottom of the keyboard also make for a cleaner design and for smoother use as well as the scroll bar which runs off the middle of handle on the device. They also added new hot keys and shortcuts that make getting to where you want to go faster. The material on this new remote does not attract fingerprints as much as the shiny one of the previous model and will keep your remote looking cleaner and sophisticated looking. Set up is super fast, there are no drivers to install, just plug in the USB nano and you are ready to take your new Lenovo Enhanced Multimedia Remote for a spin! 

So many upgrades, clean and sharp design, easy to get started and at such a low price. Right now you can get the Lenovo Enhanced Multimedia Remote for only $47.99 at For more details watch this video.

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