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New Acne Product: X Out Test Drive!

Proactiv has a brand new acne fighting product called X OUT and getting the opportunity for Cici to try this out was very lucky for us. 

Cici has been struggling with acne since she was about 12, having three older sister who have really great skin has made this almost traumatic for her. She is lucky that she does not have acne all over her face, but she does get it on her T Zone and it's all the time. It's like no matter how much she washes, that area will never clear up.

A close up of her face shows the many scars she has around her forehead and nose area. This is the part that bothers her the most, all the bumps and blemishes on her nose that can not be covered with light foundation, so she has to use a full coverage foundation which always gives her a very heavy madeup look. One day she would love to be able to show off her skin without having to cover it up so much and would love to look natural and fresh and really be able to lay off all that makeup.

Her current routine consists of washing twice a day with a face brush and one of the many over the counter face washes we have in the medicine cabinet. A lot of times she is tired in the evening and will skip her wash and of course regrets it in the morning when she wakes up with all of yesterday makeup on. 

X Out is neat because it only involves 1 single step, so no matter how busy the day ahead of her she will have time to get in there, wash her face and go. X Out even comes with entertainment to keep your teen busy the two minutes they are washing their face. Simply scan the purple square on the bottle with your smart phone and watch a cool/funny/weird video each day. 

X Out™ is one multitalented teen acne treatment. It schools break-
outs in 3 different ways.

Cleanse 2 minutes, 2x's a day, morning and night. Wash-in and rinse off. 

Dab it on annoying zits and head to bed. Does fighting pimples get any
easier than sleeping?

For more intense cleaning, leave it on for 10 minutes while you watch
TV, space out, annoy your little brother and then rinse off.

Cici has been using X out for a week now and I look forward to posting an update in a few more weeks letting you know how she is doing. Because X Out is from the makers of Proactiv we have high hopes and she was super excited to get to test drive it. 

“I wrote this review while participating in a test drive campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of X Out and received a X Out product sample to facilitate my review, one to giveaway, and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”

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