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My Thoughts On The Super Bowls Halftime Show!

Gonna be honest, after last years amazing Black Eyed Peas performance I was not expecting to be wowed by "The Material Girl" this year, BUT right now I will gladly admit to being completely wrong. My entire thought process pretty much went something like this...

Vogue..."I knew it! This song was an inevitability!"
Music (Hey, Mr. DJ)..."Aww, I love this song!"
LMFAO with Party Rock Anthem...Just before P.R.A "I know those afros" then during "Ahh! Madonna is shuffling" 
Sexy And I Know It..."Oh My God! I can't believe Madonna shuffled!!!"
M.I.A & Nikki Minaj..."AHHH M.I.A!!!!" & "Is that Nicki Minaj?"
Open Your Heart..."Is that Cee Lo?"
Express Yourself..."Ahh Cee Lo is doing Express Yourself!"
Like A Prayer...Me "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" & China "I knew it!!!!"

The stage was gorgeous! Madonna was incredible! The dancers were amazing! Everything was perfect! Now to see who will win tonights Super Bowl! I know nothing about football and have never followed either of these teams ever, BUT I'm rooting for the New York Giants. GO GIANTS!!!!

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