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Frugal Dad

Are you by any chance considering, living a frugal lifestyle? Do you want to save money, while still receiving the same luxuries you had in the past? Are you unsure of how to begin your frugal lifestyle? Well if you’re new to living frugal and looking for some serious advice, consider visiting! Frugal Dad has all sorts of insight on money, career, and coupons and he is willing to share his wisdom with all of you!

During a recession as bad as the one we’re in now; providing for your family and saving money should be at the top of your priority list. Money is not coming in as easy as used to; people are either getting laid off or a serious pay decrease. How can you support your family? What can you do to stretch your every dollar? How can I avoid being in debt? Well Frugal Dad has all the answers, and so much more. His methods are simple, “spend less than you make”, “save money for a rainy day”, and “live debt free”.  I know, I know, you’re all smart enough to have come up with these ideas yourselves and yes indeed it is really this obvious, but just because you came up with these ideas doesn’t mean you have truly been taking advantage of them or putting them into the best use. Well Frugal Dad can help, with his wisdom and ideas. So what exactly is it that qualifies Frugal Dad to be giving us advice on what to do with our own money? Simple, Frugal Dad is just like us! He’s paid his taxes, had plenty of downfalls, clipped the same coupons, and found the best deals. He’s dealt with all of this before, while being up close and personal. Now he just happens to be an expert on the subject. Need a coupon for dog food discounts, dinning discounts, or sporting goods coupons? He knows exactly where to go to get them and even shares it with you. It’s not often you can make a lifestyle transition as smoothly. Trust me it will get bumpy at some points and there are bound to be some adjustments when converting to frugal living but in the end it will all be okay.

So if you’re looking to live a frugal lifestyle and want some insight into frugal living, visit His method is not rocket science just plain old common sense! 

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