Commercials - Sammy Makes Six


Guest post of the week by Deangelo Spencer

We have had direct tv for a good while now. My family really enjoys all the programs that are now available to us. My children are always watching all the different children’s channels. When I was little we only had three channels to watch on television. It is such a different day now. My husband can watch so many sports channels. I don’t even know how he keeps up with all of them. I have my favorite shows that I like to watch as well. But no matter what program or channel we are watching, there are almost always the ever present commercial ads that run throughout the shows. I really like to watch commercials. Sometimes they are very funny. I can just die laughing at a stupid commercial. And then, there are the commercials that can make you cry because they are so touching. Of course there are all the commercials that come on during shows like the Super Bowl. Everyone is always talking about them. My husband cannot stand to watch commercials. He always wants to record whatever show he is going to watch and then speed through the commercials so he doesn’t have to watch them. That drives me crazy because I like the commercials. That is why we usually cannot watch anything together.

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