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Bertolli Weeknight Meal Special Challenge #BertolliMealSoup ~!

Bertolli recently challenged us to make a week night dinner special. We were sent coupons for their Bertolli Meal Soup dinners, which can be found in the freezer section of your grocery store. It's almost as if Bertolli knew what a difficult week we had just been through. Spending all five days at the hospital, eating in a rush at the cafeteria and getting home so late all we managed for dinner most nights was a bowl of cereal. Jack and I were ready to have a sit down dinner at home on Friday when we finally had news that her sister would be home the next day.
The challenge was simple, pick one of the four delicious flavors of soup, plan a few side dishes to make a complete dinner, and most importantly,make dinner in an hour or less. Perfect for us because the last thing we wanted to do was go home and spend the whole night making dinner. We picked up the soup from Wal-Mart on the way home, along with a fresh loaf of French bread and fresh veggies to make a quick side salad. We probably spent more time trying to decide which soup to buy, than anything else. All these flavors sound absolutely delicious.
We ended up picking the Roasted Chicken & Rotini Pasta because it sounded hearty and really comforting. Each bag has enough to feed two people, so we made sure to grab two bags. We arrived home threw the soup in a pot, the French loaf in the oven to warm, and washed and cut the vegetables for the side salad.
The soup is super easy to prepare, empty the contents into a saucepan and add a cup of water. Comparing this to a regular canned soup is almost impossible because the vegetables (zucchini, yellow squash, carrots and tomatoes) are so big and there is plenty of big pieces of pasta and roasted white meat chicken. The broth thickened and was very rich, fragrant and flavorful. Within 20 minutes the entire dinner was on the table and we were sitting down to our first meal at home in a week.
The moral of the story: Bertolli Meal Soups are an almost decadent dinner and definitely not your average soup, our dinner was so good and very filling. The price at Wal-Mart was $6.95 per bag, which seemed high to me at first until I saw the soup in the saucepan. This is something I could prepare on a special night with the BF or when the whole family just needs a delicious dinner, which tastes like it could have taken hours to prepare, but will really take less than half an hour. So even on your most hectic day, there is time to give your loved ones a special dinner at home.
Three tips to making dinner at home fast, delicious and special.
#1 Make it simple, like our dinner above. It hit the spot, was warm and hearty and yet so fast to prepare.
#2 Set the table with your good dishes. This will give your whole dinner a special feel, even if it only took ten minutes to heat up!
#3 Ask your kids to help you plan the side dishes. Everyone loves dinner a lot more when they helped make or plan it, so let everyone in on the fun.
Find out more about Bertolli Meal Soups online, Facebook andTwitter.

I was compensated by Bertolli to participate in the Weeknight Meal Special Challenge.

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