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Why It Pays To Enter Giveaways: See Our New LapTop ~!

The last few months have been a bit slow for us, we didn't have many wins because we were not online very much BUT in November we did have the best win of the entire year. We won an HP Pavilion dv6 from Latina on a Mission

This laptop is valued at $600 and seriously, was the best win of the year, and it came at a time that we really needed it because Jack's old HP was just about dead. Now she has moms 3 month old Toshiba and mom has this new laptop which is really, really cool and very powerful. 

We really like entering giveaways and it's not always for expensive items either. We have entered giveaways for; heaters, laundry soap, vacuums, coffee makers or whatever else we see that we like or need around the house. Last Christmas most of the gifts were giveaway wins and it really helped our family have a much nicer holiday. This time we didn't get to enter too many but will soon be getting back into the hang of things. It really can be worth it, and you can win so many different things that you can't afford to buy, so why not take the time to enter some online giveaways. It's always free to enter giveaways and once you have entered a few it becomes easier and faster to get more done and soon you will get your first win and if you're like us, you will be hooked. This new year we would love to win mom an iPad or a Kindle Fire...

What is the biggest prize you have won on an online giveaway or 
what would you like to win this year?


Jan Messali said...

Ooooo, congrats! That's a great prize! The best thing I've ever won was a stroller for my new grandson.

Stephanie Phelps said...

Very nice! I won a Kindle Fire for Christmas this year it is awesome!
Congrats on your win.

heinzmom at hotmail dot com said...

Awesome new computer! My favorite wins this year were my Britax BReady stroller and a gourmet weekend in new orleans (courtesy of community coffee, see my post here http://www.sometimesuwin.com/2011/12/best-win-of-2011-gourmet-weekend-in-new.html) Can't wait to see what 2012 has in store!