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"Tips For Cooking Healthy Meals With Your Kids ~! #BensBeginners

Inspiring your kids to live a healthier life starts at home and especially in the kitchen. Here is where you can begin to guide them towards a healthier diet and lifestyle. A great way to get them involved and to care about what goes into their meals, is to include them in meal planning and preparing.

Uncle Ben's in helping parents establish healthy beginnings in their kids life with their Ben’s Beginners contest. By entering the contest, you could win $20,000, along with a $50,000 grant towards a cafeteria makeover for your child’s school and you can win a chance to appear on the Rachel Ray show too. Parents with children ages 5-12 are invited to submit a 2-3 minute video of you cooking a rice-based dish with your children. Get complete contest info at Ben’s Beginners on Facebook.

Here are a few tips that help me get the kids cooking and eating healthier.

In our home we eat a very diversified diet and it's not always easy to keep it healthy, the kids love fast junk food meals. I don't stress on this though, and just try to incorporate as much "healthy" as I can into every meal. Even if it's hot dogs, you can add a side of fruit instead of chips.

Let the kids plan the meal. Angel who is 6 loves to help plan lunch or dinner on weekends. We let him decide the main course and then help him choose some healthy side dishes. When it's time to eat he proudly lets everyone know that this meal was planned by him.

Start of at the beginning, shop for food together. Every Saturday there is a farmers market in our town and this is when we shop for fresh in season fruits and veggies. This is where I let the kids begin to plan the meals for the week, by first seeing what produce is available.

Let them help with the prepping. The younger children really are too little to help cook, but they make great assistants when it comes to mixing, stirring, opening packages, setting the table and other little jobs that can keep them away from the stove and safe.

Adding a few rice-based dishes to the weekly meal plan is also important. These can be hearty, delicious, healthy and a great way to steer them away from the not so healthy dinners they like to eat most of the time. This is also the best way to introduce them to new foods like salmon.

Involving your kids with healthy meal planning and preparation not only gives your kids a great head start to a healthier life. You also get more family time together, they learn how to cook and you make great memories that will keep with them until they are grown. It's a win-win all around.

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