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When it comes to self-expression, one of the best ways to express would be through your physical appearance, but when your “self” is a tiny human, it’s best to just keep the expression to your clothing. Well in 2002 a company called Tea decided to design unique clothing for children 0-12 years old, inspired by all the beauty they discovered while travelling around the world. Everything is adorable and one-of-a-kind and I have found myself truly in love with their new Bali Safari Collection, specifically the Tiger Jungle Tee. Really, it’s not hard to find stylish boys clothing, that your boys will love and have no problem trying on, or to find gorgeous dresses for all the little girls. Tees, tops, pants, jeans, hoodies, sweaters, outerwear, dresses, leggings, pajamas, shoes, and other accessories; they have it all! Another favorite of mine, which must be mentioned, would be the Little Citizens Bodysuit, it comes in various colors and any child would look adorable in them. Dressing the kids has never been more fun, with so many amazing choices you’ll never know which ones to try in first. So if stylish and culturally diverse clothing is something you may be interested in, visit TeaCollection.com, they’ll go here, there, and just about anywhere to share them with you!

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