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My First Pair of Heels ~!

Lene has always been a girly-girl and after getting out of her cast she became obsessed with high heels and wears her moms heels all day long. Everyone is always yelling at her to take them off because Nessas heels are really high and since Lene still has a limp, were scared to death she will take a tumble and/or break an ankle. Still even though we all yell and tell her to take them off, she won't. She loves heels and last night during a trip to Walmart for some back-to-school clothes for her brother, Lene found...her first pair of high heels!

Of course when we all saw them we were pretty horrified. I mean what 4 year old wears heels, unless they are appearing in an episode of Toddlers and Tiaras. She immediately put them on and was in heel heaven...and we were all looking at her and saying no, no and no. But then we realized that this little girl deserved this bit of happiness after enduring over 4 months in a cast and the pain of her hip surgery. So we relented and even let her wear them around the store. 

I think I was 14 when I got my first pair of low heels, and that was to go to a family party. I didn't even realize they made them for girls so young, though I have seen Suri Cruise wearing many pairs but I thought those were made special for her. Now our little one has her first pair and she is only 4...can you imagine how many pairs she will have by the time she is 14?

Proof once again that shoes really are a girls best friend.


Michael Offutt, Visitor from the Future said...

Wait! I thought diamonds were a girl's best friend. I thought I'd take a break from watching Tim Tebow on television to read your post on high heels. I gotta be the most considerate guy reader you have :)

Smash Bravo Team said...

@Michael :
You are, thank you so much. I think most girls will take lots of shoes over diamonds. One of these days we have to get a template that allows us to reply to comments. Thanks for taking the time!

Diane T. said...

Cute! Now my 4 year old will want a pair! Found you via Super Stalker. Would love a follow back at

Carrie said...

I remember purchasing my first pair of heels. They're black pumps with lace detailing. I have never worn them before. I'm planning to wear them to my winter formal! :D