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Kids Chore Charts And More @ GoalForIt.Com Review ~!

Because one of my new years resolutions is to get the family more organized, I was very interested in reviewing Goal For It! Daily life gets really hectic here during the week and keeping everyone on track with chores, goals and even the huge to-do-list of items that has to be done, can get hectic. Finding a site where I can get all this stuff organized and real charts to keep the kids on track, is really nice. Goal For It! has really neat chore chart that I knew the minute I saw it, would be one of the charts that we could really use for the kids and the teens!

Okay so you know a chart is no good if you can't use it. If it's  either complicated or even boring, you will simply forget about it. That is what is so neat about Goal For It! and their charts. These charts are easy to use, but they are also really cute and you are able to personalize each one to your child so they will really like them. 

There are many designs for both boys and girls and once you have done that adding chores to the chart is easy. You are able to pick on what days each chore has to be done and can also have reminders sent to you vial email. Once your charts are done you can either keep them online or you can print them. This was the best option for us, we printed them and put them side by side on the fridge for easy reach by the kids. 

Goal For It! won't just help you keep your kids chore charts under control, you can use the site for many other things. Set up your FREE account and use it to keep all the things in your life organized, I have been using the To Do List and even have my grocery list on there. I update as we run out of items and when it's time to go to the store I print the list out and know exactly what I need to buy. You can create a goal setting chart or a goal tracker to keep track of those goals you really want to reach. There are also behavioral and healthy habits charts that keep kids on track with things they might be having a hard time doing; like brushing their teeth twice a day, saying please and thank you, or behaving in school. Angel has had a few problems with talking in class so this is one of the things he has on his charts and he likes being able to get home and checking off that he was good that day. 

Overall I think this is a great site that has resources that can really be of use to families. Remember this is all free and there is no obligation for any kind of purchase. Use the charts and lists for your convenience and become a more organized person. The kids will really like the colorful personalized charts too. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. We have been using GoalForIt! for over a week now and our opinions about this site are our own. 

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