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Jeff Goldblum & Brian Stokes Mitchell To Play Rachel's Gay Dads On Glee!

Broadway Veterans Brian Stokes Mitchell and Jeff Goldblum to Play Lea Michele’s Dads on GleeAny true Glee fan has had these roles cast in their minds from the minute Rachel Berry said she was the product of a loving gay couple. I've imagined big names like Hugh Jackman, Taye Diggs, Nathan Lane, Elton John and even Stanley Tucci in the roles, but FINALLY, after waiting for nearly 3 whole seasons, the much talked about but never seen Berry men, have been officially cast! Film, television, and stage actor Jeff Goldblum and Tony Award winning Broadway vet Brian Stokes Mitchell will be playing the infamous Hiram and Leroy Berry. Of course only Rachel Berry, played by Broadway vet Lea Michele can have a family made up of Broadway stars. Even her mother Shelby Corcoran is played by another Tony Award winning Broadway vet, Idina Menzel. Jeff Goldblum and Brian Strokes Mitchell are set to make their Berry anticipated (yes, I made that joke) debut in the Valentines Day episode called 'Heart', set to air on Valentines Day Feb.14th and yes they will sing! Yay!

So I guess in the world of television...

^This^             +              ^This^                   +        ^This^

=  ^This^

I'll take it! Rachel Berry is seriously going to need parents to convince her to say no to Finn's marriage proposal that aired during last nights episode. I mean, seriously! She's only 17 people!

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