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Five Mom-Inspired Driving Tips ~! #Esurance

Driving with kids in your car can be hazardous to say the least. If you have kids, you know exactly what I am talking about. When they were younger it was about the crying and yelling, as the girls got older it became music being too loud, conversations on the cell phones being distracting and what really sticks to mind is the day I got hit in the head with a flying shoe. Teenagers fight a lot, and that day someone threw a shoe at someone else and instead wacked me on the back of the head as I was driving. That was definitely not a very safe driving day, especially as I was so angry after I got hit I wanted to stop the car and hit them all a few times with the same shoe. These are a few tips that I think will help you on the road if you have kids with you.

1. Keep distractions to a minimum. Everyone needs to wear headphones in the car. The sound of many different songs playing can be very distracting, so can video games. The girls usually have their cell phones/mp3's and one or two tablets in the back so everyone has a set of headphones so I am not overwhelmed by all the racket. 

2. No matter how urgent, no texting or taking of cell phone calls. Phones are very distracting and are the cause of many accidents. I don't even like to take calls on a blue tooth because I know that even if your hands are not being used, your head will be in the conversation and not on the road so I follow a no cell phone while driving policy, period.

3. BUCKLE EVERYONE UP! Teens do not like to buckle up and can become very lazy about it but you have to enforce this or make them get out of the car. So many lives are senselessly lost because of not wearing a seat belt. Something that takes seconds, can literally save your life and I have to reiterate this to my kids all the time. 

4. Keep a watchful eye on the road and not on the kids. This can be hard to do but the road is filled with so many dangers. You don't just have to watch out for yourself but other drivers too. Keep a clear view in front and around your vehicle and always be on alert. 

5. If it's raining like it was here on Monday, slow down. California drivers have the hardest time driving in the rain because we almost never see any of it. On Monday alone we saw over 6 huge accidents on the freeways between here and Los Angeles, all the cause of people speeding. When you have a car full of kids or even if you are alone, you can not afford an accident, it's simply not worth all the rush. Slow down and get to your destination safely.

These are just a few little tips that I follow when I have my kids with me. They are afterall, the most precious cargo of all and it's up to me to keep them safe on the road. For more tips on keeping safe while on the road visit Esurance

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