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Finished the Listerine Oral Care Challenge ~!

Our family took the Listerine Oral Care Challenge for three weeks and the results have been pretty good. As I had shared with you at the beginning, getting the grand kids and girls to brush twice a day has always been hard. Everyone gets lazy, especially in the evenings, most times they would go to bed without brushing and all have had cavities in the past. When we began the challenge, I was curious to see if we would be able to get everyone to brush, floss and rinse twice a day.

One of the things that made taking this challenge easier for the kids was the different character Listerine Smart Rinse and Reach toothbrushes. The first few days the novelty of the products made using them fun, and then what helped was that they really liked the flavor of the Smart Rinse and being able to see everything that brushing alone missed. It became a bit of a game for the three younger ones and they really came to enjoy the brushing and rinsing. Flossing with Reach Total Care Floss, was a bit harder since they are smaller but with help they are learning to do it.

The rest of us got to use Cool Mint Listerine and Listerine Total Care as well as Listerine Zero. Getting to try the 3 different types of Listerine mouthwash allowed everyone to see that there are different options available and that rinsing after brushing can be pain/burn free.  I've always used Listerine and I really trust it but could never get a few of them to try it because they thought it was really strong like the original flavor, which is the one their grandma uses. 

Taking the Listerine Challenge has shown our family that brushing alone is not enough. We were missing steps 2 and 3 (flossing and rinsing) and have now learned to incorporate them into the daily oral care routine. Everyone is very busy and I still see a lot of flossing being skipped but by having the floss close at hand, I know that when they have time they will do it, and for now flossing once in a while is much better than never. The important thing will be to make this oral care routine stick so they can become habits that will stay with them all their lives. Hopefully they will never have as many dental problems as I have had because they will be taking better care of their teeth than I did at their age.

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