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11/22/63 - The Best Book Ever ??

Possibly, maybe...could be. I have read so many books that I am not sure if it is but I know for certain that this is ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ. This is the Stephen King that I adore, the one that can weave a story like no one else. When I read the description I almost didn't want to read it. It didn't really catch my attention, the premise, a guy finds a time machine in his pantry, sounded a bit lame. I actually let this baby sit on my bed side table for four whole days before I even picked it up. 

On Sunday when we were headed out to do the pet blankets at the local laundry mat, I dragged the book along and started the journey back into 1958. WOW, I was caught up immediately. This book is as enjoyable as Under The Dome was a few years ago.  

This book is huge and 849 pages long and I am not even at the middle. Which is great really, I know by the time I get near the end I am already going to be missing the characters in it and wishing it never had to end. 

After this I have a Dean Koontz title waiting for me, so life is good!!!!

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