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Hallmark Movies

I appreciate the guest post, Emerson Moses

Have you ever seen a Hallmark movie? They are superb. They typically revolve around some tear-jerking, very sad story, and are a little on the cheesy side. And yet…I love them. I understand that there are probably a lot of things on television that I could be watching, but for some reason there is something about those movies that make me happy. They’re life affirming, really. I know that they are a little cheesy, but it just makes me happy really that someone is still even making movies that are edifying instead of only things that are crude and crass. I sound like a ninety year old, don’t I? I would have never said this ten years ago, but I think my mom and grandmother were on to something when they used to complain about everything on television being trash these days. I don’t think they could find anything bad to say about a Hallmark movie, though. Take a look the next time you see one on your Direct tv guide and tell me if you agree. You have to be aware going in that it will be a little cheesy, but I really think if you can get past that it’s enjoyable.

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