Glee 'Hold On To Sixteen' Recap - Sammy Makes Six

Glee 'Hold On To Sixteen' Recap

After seven episodes full of disappointment, Glee season 3 has FINALLY managed to not be a complete disappointment. 'Hold On To Sixteen', New Directions finally went head to head with their former team mates, The Troubletones at sectionals. 

The episode was undoubtedly my favorite of the season and honestly it may have had more to do with the fact that because their were so many musical numbers (one of which lasted nearly ten minutes), their wasn't much time for certain characters to screw it all up by talking smack about one another. The Troubletones performed a great number (not better then their Adele number, but still) using a mashup of 'I Will Survive' and 'I'm A Survivor'. New Directions, performed three musical numbers! Now while I was a little upset bout the fact that Rachel Berry wasn't allowed to sing at sectionals, I do still think the members who performed did wonderfully. 'ABC', was so happy featuring Jenna Ushkowitz as lead. 'Control', was mostly just cool to look at but 'Man In The Mirror' was great! Of course New Directions won, and in the process a lot of characters story lines were mended. With the help of Rachel, Quinn is no longer insane. Thanks to Tina, Mike and his father are now on speaking terms. Sam Evans is back! Blaine and Finn are seeing eye to eye. Another great thing, Quinn convinced Santana, Brittany, Mercedes, and by extension Sugar to come back to New Directions. While I hate that they basically only agreed to come back because they were promised a number for just them at every major musical competition, their back and all is happy again. My favorite part of the episode though, featured what has officially become my favorite musical number on this show ever!

New Directions-We Are Young

Originally performed by the group Fun, 'We Are Young' was absolutely incredible and featured the best of the best of the Glee cast. With Rachel, Finn, Sam, Quinn, Tina, Mercedes, and Santana all sharing the leads. If you have ever heard the original you would know this is not the typical Glee song, it's not a chart a Top 100, and is more indie rock then anything, but Glee's version was just so good! It's hard not smile, when seeing the group whole again, and all happy. Hopefully it stays this way for the rest of the season! 

Coming up on Glee though, Glee spoofs Grease, Gloria Estefan to portray Santana Lopez's mother, Ricky Martin, and Michael Jackson tribute episode. Here's to hoping.

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