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Get the Family Together With "Kool-Aid Noches de Pelicula" ~!

This post brought to you by Kool Aid. All opinions are 100% mine.

When you think of Kool-Aid what memory comes to mind? For me it was those hot summer days that a bunch of us kids would get together and walk the 3 miles to the pool which was located at the high school. By the time we got home, we were literally dying of thirst. My mom was usually at work so my sister who was 12 would get the pitcher, a little packet of Kool-Aid and of course the sugar, and within a few minutes we were drinking big glasses of Kool-Aid with lots and lots of ice. During the summer was when we really got to enjoy Kool-Aid the most, because it was more affordable than most juices. But most times we had water or milk so the days we got the have Kool-Aid, were special days in my mind. 

Now my kids also love Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid is fast and easy to make, it has 1/3 less sugar than soda and also goes a lot farther. On days that we are having burgers, hot dogs or pizza, I find that it's more affordable to make a pitcher of Kool-Aid than to buy 2 liters of soda. As long as the kids have water and milk later in the day, I don't feel guilty letting them enjoy some good old fashioned Kool-Aid with those meals.


Now Kool-Aid wants to help us bring back some of the fun times we had while we were kids. Introducing "Kool-Aid Noches de Pelicula" which will bring the entire family together on Sunday nights to watch a movie and drink delicious Kool-Aid. Visit them on FB and get the list of upcoming movies on the Noches de Pelicula tab, there you will find the list of upcoming movies and printable bingo cards for playing during the movie. You can also find a valuable a coupon towards your next Kool-Aid purchase.

When you think about Kool-Aid, what memories do you have, did you also love it on hot summer days as a kid like I did?

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