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Gay Friendly Destinations

Are you looking for that perfect holiday getaway destination? Wanting to have a nice, fun, and relaxing vacation while just being yourself? Admittedly, there is no guarantee that wherever you may choose to vacation, you'll be spared from those judgmental stares, but there definitely are some places where others are more accepting and to help you find those places visit Gay Travel Buddy at

A few of those gay friendly getaway destination spots that you could take into consideration are, New York City and the San Francisco, Castro area. Manhattan, NY is one of the most open-minded and gay friendly destinations there is. Where people of any sexual orientation can come to be themselves, be surrounded by their peers, and visit one of the many gay clubs Manhattan houses. No place may be more gay friendly then San Francisco, home to one of the most well noted gay hot spots in the world, The Castro. At The Castro you can find; bars, clubs, good food, and great shopping. One of the few downsides to The Castro, is the limited hotel options available to vacationers.

A destination I would not suggest, Las Vegas. Surprisingly (at least to me), Las Vegas is not a gay friendly destination. If Las Vegas is something you would absolutely want to try, I would suggest a weekend visit only. You're on vacation, don't spend it worrying about everyone else. Spend it being happy, having fun, and most importantly being yourself.

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