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The Best Gift to Give: A Gift Card ~! #GiftCardsRock

Though a lot of people think that gift cards are an impersonal gift, for me they are almost always the best gift idea. Not only are they a great last-minute gift idea but they take away the doubt you feel when giving someone a gift that you are not sure that they will like. 

For example this year when I asked my very picky 16 and 17 year old what they wanted for Christmas, they said clothes. sounds simple BUT if you have or know any teens you will now how incredibly difficult they can be and how hard it would be to find clothes that they will wear. That's why my girls will be getting a gift card that will allow them to go and get themselves exactly what they want. I won't have to trek to every store in the mall and stand in those outrageous lines buying items that they will probably hate on site, instead I will be taking a few minutes to get them a gift card and will have the pleasure of watching their faces light up when they realize that they will have full freedom to spend the card as they like.

For my nephews who are boys, it's almost the same story. I mean, I have no boys so for me it's hard to pick out clothes or accessories that they will like. With a gift card there is no going wrong or second guessing. They can get shoes, clothes, music, games or whatever they want and I will be the cool aunt who didn't get them the lame sweater. 

Gift cards mean freedom for the receiver and they take almost no time to purchase. You can buy gift cards for everyone on your list and be done in minutes instead of hours. To make giving a gift card more fun you can wrap it up in a small box and make it all festive and fun. A really neat idea was one I saw a few weeks ago. A friend gave her daughter a card and wrapped it in 5 big boxes all wrapped up. By the time she got to her card, she was laughing so hard and wondering what she would end up with at the end. 

Gift cards are safer than giving cash. If you are mailing a gift to another state, gift cards are also easier and cheaper to ship. Sometimes you can even send a gift card electronically. Overall, gift cards are an easy  and hassle-free way to make sure you give something that the receiver will really love and use. They really make gift giving so easy!

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