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11 Days 'Till Christmas!

Yay! Christmas is nearly here! In just 11 days our midgets will be opening up all their Christmas gifts! I'm super excited about it too. We've been planning the gifts and even started buying them 3 months ago. We all just figured that rather then struggling with buying all the gifts at once, we'll just get them as we go. It all paid off too, because we got a tree packed with gifts for the kiddos and all our bills were paid on time. Yup, we're just that good! ;-) We got the prettiest and most girly tree too! It's fake (because real trees are just too much to handle), white, has pink/green/yellow/baby blue lights, decorated with pink and green ornaments, and a hott pink star on top. It's cute, but I really wanted this tree...

Talk about a hassle free Christmas tree. :-)

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