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Weight Watchers® Smart Ones® Satisfying Selections Review ~!

Finding something to eat for dinner that is under 400 calories yet satisfying enough to really fill me up and not leave me craving more, that is not an easy feat. I've tried the many diet food options and drinks and though some are pretty good tasting, most left me still hungry and within a few hours I was back to munching and snacking. Which in the end cost me more calories than if I would have just eaten a regular meal to begin with. That's why I was happy to try the new Weight Watchers® Smart Ones® Satisfying Selections, these bagged meals are 30% larger than Weight Watcher's regular tray meals and also feature heartier pieces of meat and veggies than what is typically found in a frozen meal.

On the first day I tried the Sesame Chicken, Chinese food is my absolute favorite so I was excited to eat this and when I pulled the bag out of the microwave 4 minutes later, it looked and smelled like the real thing. Notice the large pieces of chicken and the veggies. As for flavor, I really enjoyed it. This was just like going to my favorite Chinese fast food joint up the street, but without the calories, it was even cheaper too.

The next day I tried the Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo. I love broccoli and chicken but I wasn't sure I would enjoy it with all the cheese mixed in, that's why I was super surprised to find that I enjoyed this flavor even more than the sesame chicken. The portions were big enough that they left me feeling full and satisfied and both of the flavors were really good.
Weight Watchers® Smart Ones® have less than 400 calories, 8-10 Weight Watchers PointsPlus™ and 25 grams or more of protein

The new Smart Ones bagged meals are available in five delicious flavors:
    • Sesame Chicken
    • Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo
    • Ziti with Meatballs & Cheese
    • Chicken with Broccoli & Cheese
    • Chicken Teriyaki Stir Fry
You can find Weight Watchers Smart Ones Satisfying Selections at stores nationwide,  find a retailer near you. Suggested retail price is $3.69.

You can't beat the calorie count and flavor choices of these meals. They are the perfect thing to eat when you are really trying to stick to your Weight Watchers points or just looking to eat something yummy without all the calories. Fix them on your stove top or steam them within minutes in your microwave and sit down to dinner with a delish plate of food that will really satisfy you. I really liked them and will be stocking a few bags in my freezer. 

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