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Uno Roboto House Rules Party ~!

Uno Roboto is the new Uno version that you will fall in love with! This is by far our favorite family game, we have been playing this since we were really little with mom and this new version really makes Uno even better.

Uno Roboto is the little robot that will give you all the rules. 

Playing this new version for the first time was pretty easy, first you record all of your names and then you set the "house rule". This is going to be something that everyone playing has to do at the same time whenever Roboto decides to call it out. We did clap your hands five times, scratch your butt like a monkey and for a workout, jump on one foot and count to ten. The last player to do the house rule will have to draw two cards. 

Roboto also call out other fun and unexpected rules, there is the duel, in which he calls out two players names and gives them something to do. Last person to do it draws extra cards. He will also call out two names and have them trade cards, or can have you put a few cards down. It's really all up to him and you never know what he is going to ask you to do next. 

You really have to be on your toes with Uno Roboto. Be ready to touch your elbow, touch your feet or do the house rule and you have to be ready to do it fast!! Because he is calling out your name and giving you such fun instructions, this really makes playing so much fun. 

For our Uno Roboto House Rules Party, we had a slumber party with our cousins. All the kids played, ages 4 to 18 and everyone had a lot of fun. One minute you are putting a card down and tapping Robotos head and the next you are running outside to touch the car and everyone is yelling and having a blast. The more we play with the smaller kids the faster the reflexes are becoming and the better and faster they are getting at it. 

Uno Roboto made playing UNO so much fun and so much more exciting. This is a game we can all agree on and one that everyone can't stop playing. You can find out more by visiting their page or by visiting Uno on FB. You can also take advantage of this special Mattel promotion with Toys ‘R’ Us for a free Shutterfly photo album with any games purchased between now and the end of the year.

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Christy said...

I still play the original Uno! This one looks like fun, even though my son's too young for it.