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Twitter Parties - Can You Really Win?

One thing you can do even with a busy schedule of appointments (like we had all last month) as long as you have a cell phone or device with 3G is attend Twitter parties. A month and a half ago, none of us had ever been to one, but after hearing all the hoopla about how fun they can be and the amazing prizes you can win at them we finally began to schedule them in and when possible attend them. 

But I can tell you that especially at the first one, I certainly didn't think we were going to win anything. BUT first Twitter party FIRST WIN.Yes, this was a Mom Central party and I was the very first winner picked and won a $50 Amazon gift code and an Infantino Tummy Triangle toy for the baby! Two weeks ago I had our second win, a $100 gift card to take the fam to the movies! This one hasn't arrived yet, so I emailed the sponsor and let them know but I am pretty confident it will arrive in the next days. 

So far this week I have attended two more Twitter parties, the last one minutes ago. I also have 3 more on the schedule for the week. Of course we will not win at all of them, but now that I have seen how easy it is to win and how fun these parties really are I enjoy them. If you have time in your schedule, and have never attended one, I suggest you do. 

Sign up with Tweet Chat and just make sure you RSVP and follow all the hosts. Get to the party on time and participate. You never know, you might walk away with a big win. 

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Marsha C said...

I've only been to one twitter party and it was through shespeaks and they used the tweetfeed...not a soul seen any of my tweets so I got very discouraged. Congrats on your win! I could sure use a lot of amazon.
Stopped in with the Alexa blog hop today.