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KRE-O Transformers Sets Are Great Holiday Gift Idea ~!

If you have a boy age 6 and up you will want to find out more about the new KRE-O Transformers sets. KRE-O's are Hasbro's new building blocks and a new way to let your child use their imagination. There are 12 of these KRE-O Transformers sets available, priced between 7.99-59.99.  I think these are a great idea, and definitely should keep them in mind while you are doing your holiday shopping this year.

  • Each KRE-O Transformer set allows you to make one of two models. They can make a Transformers character in robot or vehicle mode offering two different builds in one! Most of these KRE-O playsets come with a collectible KREON figure that can add another level of play to the sets and a lot more fun for your child.

  • Price is also very important, especially in a year when the economy is doing so badly and a lot of families have a very limited budget for all of their holiday shopping. On the KRE-O site I found 5 different playsets under $20, two of them at only $11.99. That is a very good price for a Transformer action figure, we buy a lot as Angel loves the Transformers. There is also a lot of pieces per set, the smaller $11.99 set has 120 pieces, so your child will get a lot of play time with each one.

  • Imagination, that is one of the most important reasons why building blocks are such a good gift for boys. These  KRE-O Transformers sets will provide hours of imaginative play for your child, especially since he will have the ability to make 2 figures with each set. Then he can collect more sets and play with all of them together. As the KRE-O line grows, he will be able to use his KRE-O bricks with other playsets. 

Once you have your gifts like the KRE-O Transformers under your tree you can help everyone get into the holiday spirit and spread holiday cheer, so that the holiday can be festive and joyful for everyone.

One of the things we do to get everyone in a festive mood is decorate early. The day after Thanksgiving while everyone else is hitting the mall we are putting up the tree with the help of all of the kids and family. There is hot chocolate, brownies and milk for the kids and a holiday movie playing while we get our tree up and decorate the living room. Form then on anyone who comes in will be enveloped in the holiday spirit. 

Another way to keep spirits up is to take part in the towns holiday festivites. We live in a small town but they do have a parade and they light up the local park with lights every year. So we get the kids out to enjoy all the holiday cheer.

One last tip to help keep spirits bright is to invite people over that are lonely during the holidays. Our house is always packed anyways, so what's a few more people? If you know anyone who does not have family or anyone to spend Christmas eve with, you can invite them over and let them feel welcomed and cared for. 

The holidays are a time to enjoy your family and loved ones, I know that they can also be very stressful. But you just need to send the stresses away and enjoy the time with everyone. It's not about money and gifts or about who gave the most expensive gift. It's about being thankful for the people around you and for their company during such a special time.

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Thanks for this post. I will keep this gift idea in mind, prices are awesome!