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Glee Season 3, Is Turning Into Season 2 All Over Again!

First of all, now I know not everyone in the world is a total Glee fanatic like myself, but if you have not heard the 'Rumor Has It/Someone Like You' mash-up that's to be featured on next week's episode then you have to hear it now!

It is incredible! Quite possibly the best song Glee has ever done. AND trust me when I say I don't want to think that, but it's true. I have made no secret of my Team Rachel Berry status, and the fact that this second McKinley High glee club (a.k.a The TroubleTones), is made up of people who were just sick of Rachel's "diva-tude", even though they are quite the diva's themselves, really was quite unfair. Poor Rachel is being verbally trampled on, by all characters on the show, and now they have to compete with an Adele mash-up?! Not to mention that the New Directions mas-up of I'Can't Go For That/You Make My Dream's Come True' is horrible! Why is Finn lead male? He is no where near the best male in that group, there are two other boys in that group that can out sing Finn any day. Not Blaine and Kurt, who quite frankly I'm getting a bit tired of, but Puck and Artie, give them a lead! Mercedes was ridiculous to say that Mr. Shue, favors Rachel because she get's all the leads, when it's obvious to anyone who's ever actually watched the show that it is completely Finn, that Mr, Shue favors.

What is happening to this show?! We all know that by the time Nationals comes around, their all going to be reunited again in New Directions, with Rachel having supposedly learned to share the leads, even though she's not in the wrong, but all this drama (Rachel-bashing) leading up to it is ridiculous! Santana is not a victim! She's a closeted-lesbian who can be just as manipulative as Rachel, sometimes is! Mercedes is not underrated, she just can't pull off the rock and pop songs that New Directions mostly perform! The sun does not shine out of Blaine or Kurt's a**es! I know Ryan Murphy is living vicariously through them but Blaine is a junior, he'll be hear next year, dote on him then! And Quinn, what have they done to her?! She's basically psychotic now! If their objective was to make up for the semi-disaster that Glee Season 2 was, then they are going about it in all the wrong ways and it's showing in their ratings! Get better Glee!

Disclaimer:I don't own this video, it was gotten off of YouTube.

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Gina said...

I love Adele, they are making some really great music choices.