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Dora The Exlplorer: Dora Celebrates - Coming November 15 ~!

Dora The Exlplorer: Dora Celebrates 
Available on: November 15, 2011
-DVD SRP:$29.99
-DVD Running Time: Approx. 291 mins.

This special three-DVD box set includes  Dora's Christmas, but Dora's Halloween and Dora's Big Birthday Adventure, all in one great DVD collection. This will make a great gift or stocking stuffer for the Dora lover in your life. Our girls have been watching these since arrival and love each episode, because what is more fun for kids than Halloween and Christmas.  And you are also getting the full length Dora's Big Birthday Adventure. This video collection will provide hours of fun and learning and right now you can pre-order this on Amazon for only $19.99.

Dora's Christmas! Synopsis:

A Present for Santa - It’s Christmas Eve! In the spirit of giving, Dora and Boots trek to the North Pole to deliver a present to Santa. 

Rapido Tico - Boots waits for a new toy fire truck to arrive in the mail but when the package arrives, it’s empty! Dora and Boots must travel to the Snowy Mountain to recover the gift before Swiper the sneaky fox finds it.School Pet- Dora and Boots save the school pet, a hamster named Mimo, who goes missing from his cage! 

Quack Quack!- Dora & Boots are coloring a picture of Mami Duck and her eggs when the coloring book suddenly comes to life. The eggs start the hatch and the wind blows one of them away. Dora and Boots must jump into the coloring book to bring the hatched Baby Duck back home to Mami. 

Dora's Halloween:

Boo!-It’s Halloween! Dora and Boots are trick-or-treating when a cute Little Monster surprises them. They help Little Monster hurry home before the big clock strikes 12.

The Missing Place- Dora and Boots meet a wizard, El Enchantador, who is missing his magic wand. They set off to find El Enchantador's wand so that he can preform his magic.

To the Monkey Bars - Dora has never been able to climb all the way across the monkey bars. Dora and Boots set off for Play Park so that Dora can give it another try.

The Big Storm - A big storm cloud is coming. Dora and Boots have to warn all their friends in the forest to get home before it starts to rain.

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure:

Dora's Big Birthday Adventure ( Double- Length)- A Twisting wind has blown Dora and boots into wizzle world, a land located in the Magic Storybook. Dora and Boots can not return home from the Magic Story Book without  first bringing Dora's crystal to the Wishing Wizard, so he can wish them home in time for Dora's birthday party. 

Dora Helps the Birthday Wizzle- Dora is reading a story about a Birthday Wizzle who could make birthday wishes come true. Today is the Birthday Wizzle's birthday and his turn to make a wish. A wind comes in a blows his wand right out of the book, now Dora must jump into the book and return his wand.

Wizzle Wishes- Dora and Boots meet cute little Wizzle who lost his bag of wishes and can't get home. Dora and Boots set off in search of the lost wishes, but their friends keep finding the wishes first and now their wishes got everyone in trouble!

Disclosure: Video collection was provided to facilitate this review, all opinions are our own.

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