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Alarming Statistics About Hipanics and Oral Health #HDASurvey

Did you know that 67% of U.S. Hispanics rate their overall oral health as "excellent"or "good"...yet two-thirds experienced at least one oral health issue in the past year?

A recent national survey led by the Hispanic Dental Association (HDA) and sponsored by Crest and Oral-B found that U.S. Hispanics – are generally lagging behind other Americans in many aspects of oral care and practice. Lack of insurance, access to affordable care, and even  misconceptions have left Hispanics facing many challenges when it comes to receiving the oral care they need.  

Growing up, I only remember going to see a dentist three times when I was about six. My mom never talked to us about taking care of our teeth, besides  telling us to brush. It wasn't until I got older and began going through so much pain and suffering that I realized how important good oral care is. Luckily my girls have insurance and they go to the dentist twice a year and then any follow ups for work. The problem is that they can be very lazy when it comes to brushing, and because they eat so many sweets always have cavities. I wish they would all understand that I DON'T WANT THEM TO BE PART OF THIS STATISTIC. I don't want them to spend 4 days in bed with blinding head and ear ache because they have a tooth that is falling apart and no insurance to pay for the oral surgery that is needed. I don't want them to just have pretty smiles, I want those smiles to be healthy too.

Because of my background and struggles, I wasn't surprised with the results of this survey and think it's time to change them. We need to educate our kids about good oral care and even if you have to nag them 24/7, get them to brush and floss daily. Regular cleanings and visit to the dentist are also a must for keeping their gums healthy. 

See how you rate in your knowledge of oral healthcare, check out the bilingual brochure and take the survey here. For more information about the survey visit

Disclosure: I wrote this post while participating in a compensated campaign with Procter & Gamble and Latina Mom Bloggers. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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