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Tips For Keeping Your Family Cold and Flu-Free This Winter ~!

Cold and flu season has arrived, and with it so has the really cold weather. That means that it's time for us to bundle up the kids extra  warmly and at the same time put into practice all the little things that we can do to help keep the germs off of them. Here are a few tips and tricks that I practice that help keep the kids as free of cold and flu germs as possible. 

Just this morning I did a spray job around the house with the Lysol disinfectant. This is one of my main tips, and something that I do every few days. The girls have friends in and out of the house constantly and I can't ask them all to wash as they arrive {I would love to believe me, but I can't},  so even though we wash a lot there are still plenty of germs that can be spread. A quick spray of Lyson on all hard surfaces, doorknobs, trash cans and bathrooms kills 99.9% of bacteria and because I have been using it for years I am very comfortable once the whole house has been sprayed that those germs are GONE.

Hand washing to the extreme. I admit we are extreme about it, but aside from being OCD, washing hands is the best way to avoid spreading germs. There is antibacterial soap at every sink and we have taught the kids to use warm water and wash for at least 20 seconds.

Sneezing --ugh, this is one that really grosses me out. This is also one that I have the hardest time teaching the kids. I tell them to either sneeze into their elbow or if possible to have a kleenex on hand. This for me is the better alternative because you can then just throw it in the trash can and not have it spread from clothes. 

When we are out I always have antibacterial wipes and disinfectant in my bag. Every few hours and especially before eating everyone gets their hands wiped down. Before getting back into the car I like to have them wash their hands, especially after being in a busy place like a shopping mall. 

Extra vitamins are the last step that I take in the flu and cold seasons. We always give them gummy vitamins and during these months I like to give them Vitamin C gummys to really reinforce their little immune systems. There is also always orange juice at breakfast and any other time I can get them to drink it. 

Kids will bring home many germs and bacteria from school and it is important to stop these germs at the door so that the rest of the family doesn't get them. Also because there are so many of us it is easy for us to spread sickness and germs to each other so these small steps are important and really go a long way in keeping my family cold and flu-free. What steps do you take in your household to keep everyone nice and healthy during these months??

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Michael Offutt said...

This is from the CDC:

Q: Are antibacterial-containing products (soaps, household cleaners, etc.) better for preventing the spread of infection? Does their use add to the problem of resistance?

A: An essential part of preventing the spread of infection in the community and at home is proper hygiene. This includes hand-washing and cleaning shared items and surfaces. Antibacterial-containing products have not been proven to prevent the spread of infection better than products that do not contain antibacterial chemicals. Although a link between antibacterial chemicals used in personal cleaning products and bacterial resistance has been shown in vitro studies (in a controlled environment), no human health consequence has been demonstrated. More studies examining resistance issues related to these products are needed.

It's better to be safe than sorry though. I do worry about the evolution of super bugs that survive the antibacterials that we use to try and get rid of them. This makes it difficult if not impossible to treat them when you do manage to fall ill and you have a disease that just rampages through your body because no medicines work.