Just One More Baby ~! #CleverTTC #spon - Sammy Makes Six

Just One More Baby ~! #CleverTTC #spon

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I remember being young and how my body was so strong, it seemed like it could take just about anything. All my first pregnancies were easy, I worked and had my kids one right after the other with never a lapse in energy or even weight gain. Everyone used to wonder at how I could be delivering a baby one day and at the mall three days later with all of the kids including the new baby, already shopping and doing a million things. I suppose I was spoiled and thought that my body would always be strong and healthy. After those first 4 easy pregnancies I never realized how hard it was going to be to have Sammy. Sam arrived only after a few miscarriages and the entire pregnancy was a very hard one. That is why when AB (BF) and I decided earlier this year that we wanted to have another baby before I turn 40, I knew that it was not going to be an easy road ahead.

So the decision to try for one last baby, before I hit the big 40 in two years was not an easy one. I already have 5 kids, so most would think this is already too many kids and maybe I should stop now. But 4 of my girls are already 22,18,17 and 15. These are not little girls, and in a few years if not sooner they will be gone from the house and off to have lives of their own. That will leave me and Sam and AB. I knew that if I wanted to add to this little family, to the kids that I am going to have with the man I intend to spend the rest of my life with, the time was NOW. 

Still I knew it would not be easy, but what we are doing is trying not to stress my body out and letting it happen naturally. When I got the First Response Fertility Test a few weeks ago I found that this is an excellent tool that would help us in our goal of trying to conceive. I used it last week during the third day of my menstrual cycle and the results allowed me to feel comfortable knowing that my body is still fertile and the potential of a pregnancy is good. 

The FIRST RESPONSE® Fertility Test for Women is an accurate test of FSH level to assess ovarian reserve (egg quantity and quality) – one of the leading single indicators of a woman’s ability to get pregnant.

Now we just wait and see what happens. I am telling myself that whatever will be-will be. I would love to have another child and complete my family. I would love to give Sam a younger sibling to grow up with her. So I am giving myself two years to try for one more. I am already  very lucky to have my 5 beautiful girls...if we can add one more-wonderful! It not then I am still a very lucky to have the family I already have and be thankful for that.

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royalegacy said...

I think this is a marvelous little gadget, but my hubby always knew when it was time.