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Fighting About Something...

Content by Mac Kline

My kids are always fighting about something and I’m really getting sick of it. They’re both about 15 and they act like animals when they disagree about something which absolutely drives me bonkers since they should be adult enough to handle their emotions without getting like this. I sure wish I had known before what it would mean for us to get that extra bedroom and not make them room together! NO matter what it is, from music tomovies in HD to the dog walking schedule they’re going to find some way to get all angry at each other about it and it makes me wonder how they handle conflict when they’re at school. I hope they’re much nicer to their friends and teachers than they are to each other but I have a feeling that if they weren’t they both would have been expelledby now! I don’t know what to do to put a stop to this but hopefully as they get older it will subside and they’ll calm down.


Lisa D said...

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MikiHope said...

Buy a pair of EARPLUGS!!!!! And yes, it will usually subside with age!

Michele aka MikiHope