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The Best Way To Procrastinate...

The best way to procrastinate all day long, watch every single episode, of every single season, of every single one of your favorite shows on Netflix. There are no commercials and they play every episode in order, so you know your not missing anything. What am I watching on Netflix? 

Old Favorites Like...

 The X-Files, almost done with season 2. Some creepy stuff happens on that damn show!

Roseanne, I watch this whenever I see it's on, it's like an instinct to me.

Rugrats, don't judge me, this show is a classic!

Also Shows Like...

Arrested Development, the most jacked up/hilarious family ever to grace a television!

Caprica, I hate most AU shows, but this one holds my interest some how.

Glee, I don't even know why, when I own both previous seasons on DVD!

Grey's Anatomy, loved the earlier seasons more when it still had the original 5 interns, but I still watch the new episodes.

Dead Like Me, this show is just plain great. I love reapers now!

Now if only they had my favorite Nickelodeon  shows from when I was even younger like Clarissa, Doug, Hey Arnold, or All That!, that would be even better! I just love my Netflix, now off to procrastinate some more! 

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