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Tips On Making Long Distance Moving Easier ~!

It seems I have spent most of my adult life moving. When I first got married we moved a few times to different apartments and cities and it was always such a pain and so hard. It wasn't until we had to worry about long distance moving  that I realized how much easier it was to move if you did it right from the beginning. We were moving from California to Hawaii and I was so stressed about it. When movers told us not to touch anything I was shocked, we had always packed our own stuff but they told us that it was all going to be packed by them. I had never heard of such a thing!

So my very first tip when having to make a long distance move is, 
find the right long distance moving company.

These guys were amazing. They came in with all of the necessary packing materials and they had plenty of guys on hand. They took a 5 room townhouse and packed it up in 4 hours. All I had to do was keep the kids and myself out of the way and separate trash from god stuff.

My second tip when having to make a long distance move is, 
sort out all your stuff and get rid of the trash, donate able items and junk before the movers arrive!

I had taken the advice not to touch anything to literally and had left stuff I didn't want mixed in with the items coming with us. When they were there packing I was under fire to get rid of it all before they got to each room. Had I gotten rid of trash and items for donating ahead of time, it would have taken them less time. 

My third tip when having to make a long distance move is,'s still a pain and the unplanned for will always happen but stressing about it will not help.

 Instead try to take it in stride. Get a reliable long distance moving company, I recommend one that will help you pack. Get yourself a to-do-list so you don't forget anything and get rid of all the unwanted items, so moving day can be easier and faster. Send the children off with a friend of family and have some Excedrin on hand! Once the move is done you will feel a million times better.

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Michael Offutt said...

I've never had to hire a moving company but this advice looks golden in case I ever do.

Just Cherish Today said...

i hate moving myself. I will always hire a moving contractor! :) Thanks for the advice :)