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See The New Straight Talk Android Phone ~!

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

When we talk about prepaid cell phone service alot of people shy away because they feel like these companies may not offer the latest gadgets/phones. Well today Straight Talk really offers you everything you need, because now there is Android on Straight Talk. This is the Android powered Samsung Galaxy Precedent, the newest and coolest Straight Talk phone available. With a full touch screen and multiple apps capability you will really be able to take advantage of the Straight Talk $45 Unlimited Plan which has unlimited everything. What a way to be able to spend all the time you need online, playing, working or chatting wirh friends and never having to worry about going over on anything. I really enjoy never having to see a bill full of overages every month!

That's right, unlimited talk, text, web, long distance and 411 all for the low price of only $45 per month. That is enough to make any one feel richer. Having the latest phone and paying less than their old phone bill. Did  I mention that you get Straight Talk with no contract ever, no credit check and no activation fees. This really is the best value cell phone company for my family and I, especially considering that we have over 5 cell phones. Can you imagine how much money I am saving?? So no more falling Hook, line and sinker for all those other companies that nickle and dime you till you can no longer afford them. Get on the phone, Call a friend, ask them about Straight Talk and once you are ready to sign up go online or visit Walmart and get started on getting the best cell phone service around!

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