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Hidden Village Chinese Restaurant in Idyllwild

Yesterday we took a trip to Idyllwild and had lunch at one of my favorites, the Hidden Village Chinese food restaurant. We found this hidden gem on one of our first trips to Idyllwild and loved the charming home and atmosphere, not to mention the delicious food! 

Hidden Village Chinese Restaurant • 25840 Cedar St. Ydillwild

Hidden Village, Idyllwild’s only Chinese restaurant, has been called a “hidden gem” with “the best Chinese I’ve ever had.” Tucked on a side street within easy walking distance from downtown Idyllwild, Hidden Village offers an extensive Mandarin and Szechwan menu, with specialties that diners come back for time and time again. The dining room is charming, with traditional Chinese décor. Or, dine on the patio under the tall pines. 

This time we sat on the patio under the huge pine trees. The temperature was about 80 which is a bit warm for Ydillwild, but under the umbrellas it was perfect. 

We ordered the:

Barbecue pork chow mein house special $8.99
Sweet and sour pork $9.99
Steamed white rice - .99 per person x5 
soft drinks - $2 x3

One thing I noticed with the sweet and sour pork is that the serving size, which is supposed to be for a few people was a lot smaller than the last time we ate there. For $9.99 I really expected more than what we got. Still, it was delicious and for me the best part of the meal. 

The chow mein which has huge pieces of barbecue pork is also really good. Jack especially loves this dish. Next time we really have to veer away from our regulars and try some other chow mein and main dish, but these two are our favorites and the whole meal was so delicious. Our bill total was $32. 

While we ate BF enjoyed his time trying to beat the Kindle at Tic Tac Toe unsuccessfully.

Lunch was a perfect start to the day in Idyllwild. The atmosphere was perfect, the day so beautiful and sitting on the patio enjoying the mountain views and busy street was nice. Total price was not bad considering it was 4 adults and 1 child. Next time more of us go though, we might not be able to eat there because of the smaller portions. I would recommend this restaurant for date night, sit inside the cozy restaurant chatting away while enjoying some hot tea!


Nikki said...

I love the name of the town, Idyllwild. It sounds like a fairy-tale village.

Smash Bravo Team said...

Oh it is...I have another post coming with pictures showing more of the town. It is a very charming place.

royalegacy said...

Wow, Sounds great. Idyllwild is a a hop, skip, and a jump for me. Might be a restaurant that I can get the hubby to take me to. I have fond memories of this place.