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Plus Size Fall Fashions ~!

A few more of our fall favorites are of course the fashions. Because we love this time of year so much we begin our fall shopping early, this past weekend we headed out to the mall for a full day of shopping. Once there we were happy to find that the mall stores had really filled up on the great new fall styles and had plenty of inventory, but sometimes it becomes hard to find clothing for me and Jack because we are both in the plus size department.

While the other girls can find everything in their sizes and in every color, most stores only have a limited amount of plus size sweaters, skirts, pants and other tops. Certain stores don't even carry anything that is over size 10, and that is where we have to finish stocking up our wardrobes by shopping online. A great online store that caters to women size 12 and up is Jessica London. Even with our age difference we both found items that we loved and that will really look good on us. So if you are a plus size woman and having a hard time finding clothes that fit you and your style, definitely visit

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MikiHope said...

Thank you for the info! Being a plus size woman myself I know how hard it can be to find stylish clothes in stores!!