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Needing To File For Bankruptcy in California ~!

Eliminate debt in three easy steps...yadah-yadah-yadah, they all say that but how come when it comes to me personally having to file for bankruptcy in california, it doesn't quite seem that easy? Having been posting about all my bills lately brought them back front-and-center to my brain and now I can't stop thinking about it. It's been almost 3 1/2 years since all this happened to me and if I had filed right away I would be halfway through those dreaded 7 years that a bankruptcy is on your credit. But I did not file then and still have't yet and I don't see myself doing it anytime soon, the truth is that I am being a total chicken-shit about it and keep finding a million excuses to put it off. I don't really know what it is that freaks me out the most. Having the dreaded B-word on my credit? But could that be worse than having all those unpaid bills on it now? Probably not. Is it that I have to launder all my goods in front of the world to see, because I hate having to go to court. Even the last time my girls had a curfew ticket, there is something about courts, bailiffs and judges that scares the bee-jeezus out of me. Maybe it's that filing can be expensive and I am barely starting to earn enough to live comfortably and don't exactly have a bankruptcy fund full of cash. I don't know, I think it's really all of the above. Filing for bankruptcy is a big step and I really just need to get up the nerve to go consult and attorney and lay it all out. I say this over and over again, but will I actually do it?

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Miss Sara said...

I worked in High Risk Finance for 13 years. I also filed BK myself years ago.

A Bankruptcy remains on your credit for 10 years. It affects it negatively for that entire time. It is extremely hard to be given any line of credit after filing BK.

& it is harder to file BK now than it was years ago because so many people used to file repeatedly.

Do you check your credit report annually? If not, do so. You can see what you actually owe & how long it remains on your credit.

Contact your creditors. They WILL work w/ you. They will work deals, eliminate fees, etc.

Find the best solution for you. & good luck.