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Moon Dough Push N’ Pop Ocean Pals Review ~!

Team Mom recently sent us this Moon Dough Push N’ Pop Ocean Pals set for the kids to try out. Needless to say they already love Moon Dough and regularly play with the Moon Dough Magic Zoo they got earlier this year. Because Moon Dough never dries out, this has been the only dough that has ever lasted more than a few weeks at our house. So this time they were more than excited to try out a new Moon Dough item and I to try this NEW MOON DOUGH FORMULA. It's consistency has been changed up a bit and is now better for molding and is also odor-free.

There are a few more of these Moon Dough play sets to choose from:
 Moon Dough Push N’ Pop Breakfast
 Moon Dough Snack Shop. 
 Suggested retail price of each set is $9.99

Push N’ Pop Ocean Pals kit comes with green and purple dough, three push & pop molds (a turtle, octopus and seaweed), a twisty animal mold (a whale, fish and starfish) and an underwater themed play mat. 

First of all I am loving this price, the larger Moon Dough sets cost a bit more and are great for gift giving but these smaller sets are perfect for those times when you are at the store with the kids and they have to-have to get a toy or they won't let you shop in peace. My limit for those instances is always 10 bucks, and these sets fall right in there.

The three push & pop molds are easy to handle even for little hands. Both Angel who is six and Sammy who is four found them easy to use and a lot of fun. 

They loved making their own sea animals and plants and getting to lay them out on the play mat to show every one the colorful and fun under the sea world that they had made on their own. After play you just have to pick up the little pieces of dough that scatter about but you can do that by pressing a little bit of Moon Dough on top of the pieces. 

A hit! They kids loved it, I like that you can get a toy that will be used over and over again for such a great price and Sammy can't wait to get the  Moon Dough Push N’ Pop Breakfast!

Visit Moon Dough on FB and at their official site so you can see the entire Moon Dough Collection.
Disclaimer: Team Mom provided this item for our review, all opinions are our own.

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