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Monetizing Your Blog- What Is Working For Us ~!

About 5 months back we decide it was time to begin to monetize our blogs, after trying about four different ad networks we have finally settled on one that is working for us. Because our page views have dropped drastically in the past 2 months while we take care of personal family stuff, we are not making BIG money on this ad network, but the potential is definitely there. The network we are working with is Contextweb and it has been really easy to set it up and earn. Basically we earn a bit per day, all depending on how many times ads run, the more traffic we get in a day the more we can earn. Again, this is not big money we are talking about at all, around .90 per day on a good day and maybe .35 on a slow one. We haven't cashed out yet and all the money is sitting in the account owed. Right now I am calling this money we are owed, my Kindle Tablet fund. I am saving it and hoping that as soon as Amazon releases it's much hyped about tablet, I can have enough to buy one!! 

It's good to have a goal set up, and it feels god to be heading in the right direction. If I ever manage to earn enough just from the ads for my tablet, then I can set another bigger goal, always trying to reach it and always setting the bar higher. 


Michael Offutt said...'s a little income that you didn't have coming in before. It sounds really smart to me.

My Journey With Candida said...

Good luck to you!!