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KidzWorld - Social Networking For Kids ~!

Social networking has become part of our every day lives, even when my girls are not on the computer they are constantly on their cell phones updating their status and chatting with friends. I can honestly say that even at their ages (16 and 17), I am still not comfortable knowing that they are in these social networking sites. Luckily for me they just found FB and MySpace this year and at this age they understand the dangers and watch out a bit more. Still the online world is a scary place, where there are so many sick people waiting and lurking around our children and I would be happier if they had a safe place to hang out online. That is exactly where Kidzworld comes in. 

 Kidzworld, an online social networking site specifically for kids and tweens ages 9 -17 has been online since 2001. This Kids Social Network really focuses on the online safety of kids by giving them a secure place to get to know kids their age. They have moderated chat rooms and boards, where kids have the freedom to engage with others but won't be allowed to share personal information or share inappropriate stuff. They also make sure that there is no bullying, which is one of the biggest online concerns for me. Kids can still chat, share pictures, play games, watch videos, read the latest in celebrity news and even receive homework help. They even have giveaways with prizes that kids will love!

Kidzworld is one of the best Social Networking Sites for Kids  because they are not looking to suppress kids in way. Instead they strive to enrich kids lives by giving them this amazing platform where they can interact with kids from all over the world. A place filled with fun and learning, where there is always someone supervising them for their safety. That's why Kidzworld is the safest and secure social networking site for kids.


Disclaimer: This post brought to you by KidzWorld. 


Michael Offutt said...

I'm not on Facebook, but I do tweet and blog. I just wanted to suggest a modification to your post on this because I've thought about it a lot. I don't think social networking is a scary or dangerous place.

I think the world is a scary or dangerous place. And the world is people. When you expose yourself to take a chance. That's just the way life goes. There are all kinds of people. There are insane people, there are nice people, there are giving people, and people who do nothing but take. There are opportunists and volunteers. There are murderers and rapists and heroes and teachers. That's the world.

I think it's great that you feel you have found a safe haven for your kids. But I caution that whenever you interact with people no matter what their age, you are opening Pandora's Box. It is better in my opinion to educate them to the world and let them know that this world of ours that we live in is not rated-G. It is rated-R and it is uncensored. You never know what's waiting for you right around the corner.

MikiHope said...

Although I do somewhat agree with the prior comment--I am still very glad there is at least one place on the internet where kids can be somewhat safe. Why hasn't this site been advertised more?