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Glee Season 3 Premiere Spoilers!

It's Nearly Here! In just 3 more day's, Glee season 3 will premiere on Fox at 8. I' as excited as ever, especially since the reviews have been nothing short of great so far. They really do say that it is back to season 1 Glee, and it's almost as if season 2 didn't happen. I'm not sure hot to take that, because while there were several flaws with season 2, I liked some of it. I hated Finn though, he turned into such a jerk.

Where We Left Off: 

-Klaine (Kurt and Blaine) were very much together, and still in separate schools.
-Finchel (Finn and Rachel) were very much a couple again.
-Brittana (Brittany and Santana) are just friends.
-Sam and Mercedes were secretly dating.
-New Directions lost at Nationals.

What We Know About Season Opener:

-Quinn has pink hair, a nose ring, hanging with a new girl gang called 'The Skanks', with an "ironic" tramp stamp of Ryan Seacrest!
-Kurt and Rachel are about to get a major ego check from a Glee Project Contestant, making their Glee debut.
-Blaine is about to put Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bell Air to shame a la Tom Jones. (It's Not Unusal, anybody)

-Finchel are still very much on, despite that they seem to be heading in very different directions.
-Seniors: Rachel, Kurt Mercedes, Finn, Quinn, Santana, Puck, Mike
-Juniors: Tina, Artie, Brittany (she probably flunked her senior year)
-Blaine is transferring to McKinley, like we didn't see that coming.
-Sam and Mercedes is no more, but she does have a new guy.
-Puck and Lauren are over and Lauren is out of the club.
-Rachel and Quinn have a very sweet scene together.
-Brittany and Santana are back on the Cheerios!
-Wemma (Will & Emma) are shacking up!
-Santana get's kicked out of Glee club!
-There's a new mean girl called Sugar.
-A food fight is about to break out!
-New Direction's, got's the beat!
-Slushee's are flying!

P.S~ I've seen the 'We Got The Beat' performance and I loved it! Like really loved it, Rachel, Santana, and Brittany sing the leads and they all sound great! To see the full scene, click here.

What We Know About The Upcoming Season!

-We will find out exactly what is going to happen to the graduating members of New Directions, in the last scene of the last episode of the season. That's a long time, to wonder! :-(
-Brittany's getting a new housemate in the form of one of the Glee Project Winners, and Santana is none to pleased and will let that be known to all.
-There is a huge dance number starring Brittany, in the gym with over 200 female extras to Beyonce's 'Run The World'!
-Shelby is back! With a major plot line involving Quinn and Rachel. (Separately of course!)
-McKinley High, is getting a second Glee club, led by Shelby and it will effect allot of the Gleeks!
-One tribute episode only, that should shoot sometime in the spring!
-Another Glee Project winner, will play a relative of Puck's!
-We meet Mike's parents!
-We meet Brittany's mom!

It's going to be a great season! 

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