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Glee Is Today!

It's here! The moment I have been waiting for ever since May 24th! (The day of the season 2 finale.) Season 3 of Glee begins tonight! YAYYYYYYYY! I'm trying to remain calm and level headed, but that may not be possible. A little over 8 more hours! I did also just find out though, that Fox will be airing 3 episodes, take a 4 week break, followed by 1 episode, a 2 week break, followed by another 1 episode, then another two week break, and by the time they'll be back to airing regularly it'll be nearly time for their Christmas hiatus. All because of the freaking baseball season, how freaking ridiculous! THIS is why I hate sports, not because I'm bad at them or because I find them incredibly boring, but because they always interrupt my television viewing schedule. But no matter, I will not less this ruin Glee day for me. If you haven't see it yet, here's a look at one of the performances from the season 3 premier airing tonight...

Glee Cast-We Got The Beat originally by The Go-Go's

In preparation for this day, I have made a list of all my favorite Glee things...


Character~ Rachel Berry
Ship~Brittana, Santana and Brittany
Character I originally hated but now love~ Tie between Santana and Brittany
Character I originally loved but now hate~ Tie between Finn and Mr. Shue
Sue Line~ "I've never wanted kids... don't have the time, don't have the uterus" from Vitamin D
Brittany Line~ "There was a mouse in mine" (in reference to her spaghetti) from Hell-O
Santana Line~ "The only straight I am is straight up b***h" from Born This Way
Solo~ Tie between Songbird by Santana and My Man by Rachel
Over All Performance~ Don't Rain On My Parade by Rachel
Mash-Up~ I Feel Pretty/Unpretty by Rachel and Quinn
Group Number~ One by New Directions
Duet~ Sing! by Mike and Tina
Episode~ The Power Of Madonna

Time to let my internal countdown begin!

Disclaimer: I do not own any videos or photos that may have been used in this post.

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